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it is not easy. going after the teachers is an interesting communications model. >> this is evidence of that of teacher evaluation. in indiana, one thing they mentioned, they affected candidates who made no secret of their decide to really undertake ambitious reform in indianapolis. they were elected on the same night this was going on. assistance in indianapolis arnelle -- systems in indianapolis knows this.
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>> the former cfa director is working in clark county. she won by two-one statewide. in nev., the read machine was not touching the. i believe she outran president obama. that is interesting. this is a weighted down ballot raise. that means a whole bunch of folks went ahead and jump to vote for a particular candidates in the board raised. these are the kind of things that they're a step to be learned that we often overlook the i talk about just the top line trend. >> she is a friend. my wife contribute to and supported her race. she ran the organization that
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was helping put up a lot of charter schools. she won a three-way race decisively. they through the kitchen sink at her. it did not stick on the same night that georgia voters passed the state law. we talk about winners and losers. the issue is becoming a little less toxic. there is a quasi-choice in florida of vouchers the wind down. on charter schools, and they enjoyed a really good night in terms of candidates that supported them and the referendum. this is becoming less toxic. this is marching on. there are a diverse range of
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places very quickly. >> others crossed over to this bridge where they are no longer commercial. now they have moved on to others. where is the house membership? are they hands off? >> if state choose to participate in the provinces, is the federal government taking on the common core and adopting is in itself, belly's it the house. it is a state issue. >> is your sense that they feel what the administration has done is within those bounds?
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>> the race to the top go further than what i just described. i think the race to the top, there were certain instances for states to go ahead and adopt the standards. standards.

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